Kafka - Ops

Kafka Operations

Git - Switch Remote URL

Switching remote URLs from HTTPS to SSH

Git - Reset Commits

Remove the last commit/commits using Reset

Git - Cheat Sheet

Git Cheat Sheet

Git - Push with SSH

Setup git push with SSH

Git - Merge


Git - Init

Git Init

Git - Project Lead/Manager

Get count of branches

Git - Create Branch

Checkout to main branch

Git - Common Commands

Commit History

Git - Branch Management

Single branch for production and development

Trigger a Build in Jenkins using Bitbucket Hooks

How to build when a change is pushed to Bitbucket? Trigger a Build/Job in jenkins when chnages pushed to Bitbucket? How to Automate Build process when changes pushed to Bitbucket?...

Cassandra - Cassandra single node cluster as a container

How to run cassandra as a container? How to run cassandra as a single node cluster?

Cassandra Architecture

Apache Cassandra is an open source distributed database management system designed to handle large amounts of data across many commodity servers, providing high availability with no single point of failure....

Docker API Configuration

Engine API is an HTTP API served by Docker Engine, How to enable docker API on docker host? Controlling the Docker Engine from any SDK. Is everything the Docker client...

Update Jenkins on Ubuntu

```bash #on ubuntu, in /usr/share/jenkins:

Basic Kafka Container commands

Create Topic with container

Basic command to run with Postgress Container

Connect to the database itself

Elasticsearch Slow Query Log Configuration

Slow Logs in Elasticsearch Search slow logs - used to log the searches which are slow Index slow logs

Adding Try in PWD button to README file

The “Try in PWD” actually supports to deploy any stack file that’s available on the web. In the stack parameter you can either add a relative path of a stack...

What is containerization and How does docker helps for a dev and prod environments

In the beginning let me give you my short and concise definition of the problem Docker is built to solve. So we’ll start from there and move on step by...

Deploy Static HTML Website as Container

Before you Begin Install Docker install docker-compose

Couchbase Introduction

What is Couchbase Server?

Steps to install a Go Daddy SSL Certificate with NGINX

Step1: Generate a CSR and Private Key

Docker Issues

Docker issues:

Elasticsearch - Basics of Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is the distributed search and analytics engine at the heart of the Elastic Stack. Logstash and Beats facilitate collecting, aggregating, and enriching your data and storing it in Elasticsearch....

Git - Basics for a Developer

Git basics is a good idea before you start using it, as a programer upto what extent you need is the question? Let's get into it

Jenkins - Upgrade Jenkins

Upgrade jenkins latest version

Sed Command In Unix

SED Sed is a Stream Editor used for modifying the files in unix (or linux)

SSL - Create CSR, CRT, Secure Sockets Layer

Step 1. Buy the SSL from the provider,

Jenkins - Upgrade Jenkins

Running Jekyll in Docker

Open JDK docker container commands

Run commands in open jdk docker container

AWS EBS Volmes - Create and attach the EBS volume with mounting

Create Volume from console Login to AWS console Goto menu Services -> Compute -> EC2 -> In Left Sidebar under Elastic Block Store -> click on Volume -> Create Volume...

CICD Jenkins - Send email with default content

Send email with default content as the build output

Git - Intro

There are many questions or use cases we come across in our day to day activity, like

Tombstones in Cassandra - Clean

Tombstones costs disk utilization and increased query time. Monitoring the amount of tombstoned data is an important part of monitoring the health of a Cassandra cluster. We can use the...

Linux - sed command

Delete lines using sed command

Docker - Dockerise the nodejs application

Main goal of this story is to dockerise the nodejs application. Assuming that you have come here after installing nodejs and docker.

Git - Naming Convention

Naming Convention for Programming

Arachni - VAPT Tool

Free, Simple, Distributed, Intelligent, Powerful, Friendly.